As our services are bespoke for each and every business that we work for we normally work directly with the founders or directors of any business.

However, sometimes we are asked to run workshops so that we can pass on our message directly to other members of the management team or staff. These workshops can be as small or as large as you wish, cover any topics or services that BOOM & Partners provide, and can also be for a full day or half a day.

As well as the closed workshops described above we are also happy to work with organisers of open events so that the attendees from a number of different businesses can learn in an interactive and friendly environment.

One benefit of the open courses is that the participants not only see that they are not alone in the areas that they seek more knowledge about, but also that because of the interactive style they are all able to share and benefit from each others experiences.

At present we do not run open courses unless we have a specific request from a ‘lead’ participant business or an organiser but we are considering running periodic courses in the future.

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