Flexibility on Terms

Each and every one of our services are tailor made to fit exactly what you, our client, wants and is needed by you at the time.

Sometimes that will be just one of the services and sometimes that will be a combination of services. And indeed your needs and how we can add most value will evolve over time. At BOOM & Partners we recognise that and our charging structure can be as flexible.

Depending on the service, the period of time, the stage your business is at, and all the other variables, we can charge on an hourly or daily rate, a fixed fee, or a monthly retainer.

We can even reduce the up front costs by taking a small stake in your business as this totally aligns our expertise with helping you on your entire journey and links our overall return with how successful we can help you become.

We can even offer a ‘package’ of services together for a small fixed monthly fee which means that you have access to our expertise at any time, across all of our core services, whilst at the same time knowing exactly what your outgoings will be – we know how crucial this can be for any smaller business.

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