Each Masterclass is perfect to get specialised and practical knowledge that you can apply here and now in your business.

We have courses that include videos that will give you valuable information to help guide you along your entrepreneurial journey. These are self-directed learning courses where you will be given essential downloadable content such as checklists, reading lists, templates and exercises to consolidate your learning as you move through the modules.

Masterclass 1

Getting investment ready

This course is aimed for founders who need help getting investment ready and looking for expert help on their pitch decks / business plans / market validation and SEIS/EIS Advance Assurance.

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Masterclass 2

Road to Investment

This course is aimed for founders that are ready to start raising finance. It will guide founders through the fundraising process. This includes finding the right strategy, business valuations, networking, pitching, and navigating through term sheets.

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