Events & International Coference Speaking

Kevin, the CEO of BOOM & Partners, is an experienced international conference speaker and has presented at workshops and seminars ranging in size from 20 participants to over 700 attendees.

Over the last 25 years he has acted as chair, presenter, panellist, and moderator, in numerous countries on a number of continents and has presented on a very broad range of topics within his wide area of experience.

Keynote speeches include:
* Equity Finance for Small Companies - How to get it and what are the different types available
* The Art of Fundraising - How to value your business and raise the right amount of money at the right time
* Business Plans and Pitch Decks - What exactly are they and why are they so crucial for your business
* Advisory Boards - Why your company really does need one

In addition, he has been interviewed on television in four countries, including as being introduced as an expert in his field for a live television studio appearance. He has also given numerous radio interviews for BBC Radio.

Kevin has an ongoing interest in public speaking and taking part in events and would be happy to discuss any requirements that clients may have. Given the wide number of contacts in the BOOM & Partners ecosystem it is also possible to introduce other speakers should you be looking to host a workshop or seminar anywhere in the world.

We would be happy to speak about any aspect that we have expertise in, and as well as covering all the service areas provided by BOOM & Partners we are also very active in Fintech and Women in Business.

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