Our entire focus is on helping companies to start up and to grow in every possible way, and when the time is right that does also include helping businesses to expand overseas.

Kevin, the CEO, has worked in some 45 countries over the last 30 years and has direct experience of trading internationally, finding local partners, and even establishing local companies in many countries on 3 continents.

So, however, you are looking at selling or doing business, BOOM & Partners are very well placed to help you achieve your goals. We can research markets and introduce you to tried and tested partners, and we can work with you around the world to help you understand the cross cultural issues and the impact that these can have on your business.

If required, we can also actually help you to establish a company virtually anywhere in the world.

If we do not have direct contacts or experience in any given market then we can certainly use our network of contacts to introduce you, and work with you to ensure that your market entry is as smooth and efficient as possible.

All of this can greatly reduce the time and costs that you and your business will have to spend to start to achieve global domination!

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