We are able to advise business from one person start ups through to much larger companies and inevitably some of our services appeal more to one size of company than another.

But given that all our services are of course tailored to fit the exact situation for each and every client then it is often a case that the service is still called upon but the elements required vary.

Start ups and early stage businesses call upon us to help clarify their thinking about the fundamental aspects of strategy such as properly identifying their potential clients, how to assess the competition, how to go about proof of concept, and all the similar such foundations that are required to ensure that the business sets off on the right foot.

When larger companies request us to help with strategy it is normally linked to our Growth or International services – that is, what should be the next steps for them and how should they go about it. This might include what elements need to be put in place and when.

As with our Problem Solving service, it may be that they have their own ideas that they are wishing to get help validating or it may be that they simply have got stuck and need guidance. Either way, strategy is a crucial part of building a growing and successful business.

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