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Most early stage businesses that we speak with are concerned about finance and fundraising. We sit down with them and really try to understand whether they need to raise finance or not, and, if they do, then what for, and when.

And only once we fully understand their business and their plans for the future can we work with them and discuss the best ways to raise finance and what those reasons are.

Each route has benefits and drawbacks and what is the best way forward will vary from one company to the next, and indeed at different stages of their development.

This is one of those topics that keeps re-emerging with companies looking to raise finance from pre-seed to seed to series A to series B.  A very typical conversation is where is the best place to raise finance and how best to go about it? As well as, of course, do we have any good contacts? And yes, we can help with all those questions.

We are well experienced at working with any stage company raising any amounts of funding in any way, and can truly make the difference between success and failure.  We can introduce you to providers, help you prepare and make sure that you have all the right documentation written in the best way, and help you in the negotiations all the way through to a successful fundraising.

As with all of our services we can play as active a role as you wish and between us we will agree how was can add most value.

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