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Kevin R Smith is the founder and CEO of BOOM & Partners and, after a career working for banks, he has run his own business and finance consultancy firm for 26 years.

With a long and varied career in business and finance he has become increasingly aware of the great number of early stage and mid-sized businesses that have a great story but are missing some vital parts of the jigsaw to make them achieve their true potential.

Those missing pieces are inevitably gaps in knowledge or experience in certain areas, or access to the right people. In his normal business life and in his roles as a mentor at Cass Business School and as both a general mentor and a fintech mentor at the UK’s largest Entrepreneur Accelerator he decided that he was very well placed to help such businesses achieve their goals.

Tapping into his own entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish BOOM & Partners. His experience in this sector has led him to write numerous published articles on topics that are common concerns for business owners and directors. Whilst having a broad experience in all sectors, in recent years he has become increasingly involved in Fintech and Women in Business.

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As a new founder, Kevin has guided me through the daunting path that is running a start up on your own, by providing sound advice on multiple aspects of the business from business and financial structures to business plans. His unique combination of experience and connections provide an excellent platform for any founder to flourish under his wing. As a result, the business has been able to get opportunities I would never have been able to do on my own. I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone looking for mentoring, advisory, and to take your start up to the next level.

Charlie Banks, Founder & CEO, Nyfty

“As sole founder, having Kevin to lean on for sound business advice as part of our Advisory Board was instrumental in getting the business to where it is now. Always willing to lend an ear on any topic at any point. Honest and professional at all times. Would highly recommend.”

Leon Cassidy, Founder & CEO of Fitr

"Kevin has been a great ambassador of the Natwest Entrepreneur Accelerator, where he is one of our mentors. He adds valuable insights based on his knowledge and experience. I have seen first hand his impartial and non-judgemental approach to help the founders and himself understand more about the challenges faced before contributing. He's also happy to be honest in stating when he can't help or isn't the right person to help, which is sometimes equally valuable. I'd recommend reaching out to Kevin if you think his experience could help you...a calm and composed individual that you can't really go wrong with."

Olu Peyrasse, Scale Accelerator Manager, NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator

Kevin’s knowledge and deep connections have been instrumental in securing a number of extraordinary meetings which have opened the doors to some amazing opportunities. He provides brilliant and effective mentoring which consists of open, honest and professional feedback and is extremely persistent in following up opportunities. Kevin is our founding advisory board member to whom we regularly turn to and adds significant value to our business.

Nadeem Amin, Founder & CEO of Credibble

"With his extreme enthusiasm and positive energy I learned so many new things about business in general and how to apply it to my brand. Everything is possible with Kevin and his motivational qualities are outstanding. I love my brand and have dedicated my life to it and only want to work with a team of positive, professional, and authentic people, and Kevin is the last but decisive part of the puzzle that I have put in hard work together over the last years. He gives me the last bit of confidence that I can make my dream become true!"

Sonja Laskowski, Founder of Elasko

“I am so lucky to have crossed paths with Kevin, he has been instrumental in helping build valuable connections in the startup ecosystem for our publication Startups Magazine, and is always the first to volunteer his time to help entrepreneurs and founders on their journeys. In addition to giving his time to advise startup businesses, Kevin also writes regular features for the print and digital issues of Startups Magazine which always yield a great interest from our readers.”

Daisy Stapley-Bunten, Editor & Founder at Startups Magazine


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